Department of Electrical Engineering


The Department of Electrical Engineering was founded in 1975 and was the second Department to be founded as part of the Engineering Faculty of Xanthi.

Today, the Department includes:

  • Power Systems Sector
  • Electronics and Information Systems Technology Sector
  • Telecommunications and Space Science Sector
  • Software and Application Development Sector
  • Physics and Applied Mathematics Sector


Xanthi is a city in the region of Western Thrace, northeastern Greece. It is the capital of the Xanthi regional unit of the region of East Macedonia and Thrace.

The Department is mainly situated in the Kimmeria Campus,  5 kilometers east of Xanthi, where the Auditoriums / Classrooms (Building A). Nowadays, in the single complex of prefabricated buildings downtown, the Department uses only one of the buildings (Building XIII) where the majority of the laboratory equipment is stored and operated.

The conference will be hosted in the Auditoriums of the department.

Department of Electrical Engineering in the Kimmeria Campus


Special buses will be available to transfer the attendees from city center to the conference.